Take Back Control of Your Reputation

Always in the Loop

Want to know what your customers are saying about you? PlaceAbout automatically collects reviews of your business online and notifies you when new reviews get posted.

Customizable surveys

PlaceAbout gives you a set of readymade questions and templates that can be easily compiled and rearranged into surveys without extra help from an external developer.

Know What They’re Thinking

Get feedback straight from your customers themselves through your website or email.

Spread the Good News

Got a good review that you want to share on your social channels? PlaceAbout can automatically post them to your website, Facebook page, or even partner sites.


Customizable alerts can trigger an email as soon as a new review is posted on the Internet.


Your business has a unique look. So should your website and social channels. PlaceAbout makes it easy to customize everything to match your brand’s look and feel.

Get Answers Instantaneously

Survey responses are transmitted instantly to your dashboard, so you can respond on the fly.

The Perks of Being Social

One of the great things about the Internet is that it really opens up channels of communication. Not quite sure know how to promote your business? Ask your audience directly!

Speak Their Language

Online, your reach can span the globe. Take advantage of it with PlaceAbout’s multi-language support so that you can understand your customers — wherever they’re from.

What Do Your Customers Think?

Use real-time reviews and feedback from your customers to help you make your decisions about how to better run your business.

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