Be Present where ever your customers are

Update it anywhere, and we’ll update it everywhere.

Keeping so many social networks and sites up to date can be a challenge – unless you’re on PlaceAbout. Sign up and we’ll make sure that your business information is accurate and up-to-date across not only your own websites, but also on globally popular sites like Facebook, Foursquare, and Google.

Sometimes, you don’t need a web developer.

With PlaceAbout, you don’t have to be a web genius to manage your online content. A few clicks will allow you to customize your website with features specific to your business’s needs and convert visitors to customers.

Mobile has arrived. Have you?

People are increasingly shopping on their phones and tablets. PlaceAbout optimizes your website for these smaller screens so that your customers can easily browse and purchase on the go.

Where Likes become revenue.

Facebook is by far the largest and most engaged social network in the world. Your customers are getting recommendations from their friends and deciding where to spend their money every time they’re checking Facebook at work. PlaceAbout will help you master this landscape.


Manage every facet of your business using structured content blocks called widgets. Some contain more general business information such as your contact details, while others are industry-specific, like listing your hotel’s amenities.


Stand out from your competitors’ websites by choosing your own layouts, colors, fonts, and more. PlaceAbout’s design options let you create a site that represents your brand the best.


Unlike some other tools and platforms that charge you, PlaceAbout allows you to connect to an existing custom domain for free. No restrictions. No advertising. No junk.

Free Hosting

Get your website up without paying extra; we’ll host your site, free of charge. How many other platforms do that? (Hint: none)


Get search-engine love from the likes of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. PlaceAbout ensures that your links are clean, and everything is tagged and mapped properly. Didn’t take that SEO class yet? No problem.


Data should be relevant—and shouldn’t make you sweat trying to interpret it. They’re ultimately supposed to be studied by humans, after all. Our analytics provide metrics that are key to your business and more importantly, that are easy to understand.

So many features. So easy to get them.

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