Grow Your Business Online

Know your customer.

Your customers are all unique and want different things. Having customer profiles means that you’ll know their shopping habits, how they prefer you to connect with them, and more.

Online marketing has never been simpler.

Create a campaign from scratch, or choose from a range of online campaign templates (like a 2-for-1 special offer). Select your campaign’s start and end dates, and confirm the text that you want in those messages to your customers. PlaceAbout will distribute the posts through your online channels — and that’s it! Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Automated emails? They’d never guess.

Used correctly, email can be a very effective communication tool. But often, it’s not. Make meaningful contact with your subscribers using automated yet targeted one-to-one communication based on their individual needs and interests.

Let’s get personal

PlaceAbout lets you deliver time-sensitive content to your online visitors based on their past activities. This way, your customers will receive only what’s personalized and relevant to their needs.

Get Started Quickly

Don’t have time yet to fully customize your marketing campaign? We use proven mechanics and smart default copy to give your business the best results through promotion strategies like quizzes, contests, and group offers.

Free Customization

All your marketing campaigns are fully customizable based on what you want to promote without any additional coding—and at no cost.

Change the Channel

Publish your campaigns on your website, through email, on your Facebook page, or even a custom domain.


Share updates from your business with ease. With PlaceAbout, pages and emails are automatically built for sharing on social media, with links to options like social profiles and post updates. Not only that, we’ll incentivize your audience to share your updates.


Want more people finding your business online? PlaceAbout integrates with Facebook, Google, and other ad platforms to drive clicks to your site.

Immediate Insights

Get statistics in real time to measure how your campaigns are doing and to make changes quickly if they’re needed.

Supercharge your online presence

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