The PlaceAbout Story

Owning a professional website in this day and age shouldn’t be the frustrating and confusing experience that it often is. We come from working with bricks-and-mortar businesses, and we noticed that there wasn’t an easy-to-use system like PlaceAbout: with no catch, no domain restrictions, and no unwanted advertising or embedded branding.

We wanted to provide an easy way for anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to manage a business online. In fact, we believe in this so deeply that our model makes us money only if your online presence helps your business profit.

Told you we were serious.

What We’re About

We come from a variety of backgrounds, but what we share is a belief in the potential of digital. With over ten years of experience in web and mobile development, we’ve seen some big changes in the online world, and made even bigger ones ourselves. We’ve already disrupted the taxi industry and now, we’re ready to help the hospitality industry take over the digital space. Join us for the ride.

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